How to Help Someone with Depression

There are bad days, and there are days where it seems like everything is simply worse than before. For many people, these feelings occur when you are down and could pass as time goes by. However, in some cases these emotions cling on, sometimes for weeks and months. Such prolonged feelings can actually inhibit normal lifestyle. 

Mental Health vs. Mental Illness: Is it the same?

The terms “mental health” and “mental illness” are frequently being used as if they connote the same meaning, but they actually do not. Every single one of us have mental health, the same way that we all have physical health. And throughout the course of our lives, not all individuals would go on to experience having a mental illness, but at least in one point of our lives, every single one of us would eventually come to a point where we struggle or face challenges with our mental well-being (a.k.a., our mental health), and this is fairly comparable to when we would all have challenges with our physical health from time to time, so let’s dive deeper into understanding what this really means.

What’s the difference between psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and counselors?

To most people, psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors tend to conjure up the same imagery. That it is a mental-health professional talking to a client while the client is on the couch. While it is not completely wrong, it is not completely true either. Psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors are all trained to understand and help with emotional issues, but however, there remains a huge difference between the three professions.

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