Who We Are?

Hello, welcome to AskPsychologist.

We are a group of certified mental health professionals working together since 2019 to bridge the gap between the providers and the people. Providing mental health services in Malaysia, AskPsychologist began as an idea for us to address some of the issues Malaysians face when it comes to mental health.

  Mental health issues are stigmatised.

The obstacles that stand between those affected and the help they need are considerable. From risking judgement by friends and family, to the lack of credible information and access to trusted providers, there’s so much to overcome before treatment can even begin. We aim to break down these barriers and open up a fast track to professional support.

 Malaysians don’t like talking about mental health.

Our answer is as simple as it sounds. Our pursuit of psychology is driven by our desire to promote mental healthcare in Malaysia. As one of the first home visit mental health service provider, MPS Psychological Services aim to make mental health services as accessible as possible to all – wherever you are. On top of providing one-on-one consultation services or therapies, we also strive to boost public awareness about the importance of psychological well-being through extensive psychoeducation in your province or state, be it talks or workshops.

 “Mental health = mental disorders”

There is a misconception that only the mentally ill need therapy. The reality is that mental health is about more than just disorders and diagnoses. It’s also about learning to cope with everyday stressors and unlocking your potential in life. That’s why our services and resources cater to a wide range of mental wellbeing needs.

Our Mission & Vision

A healthier Malaysia where everyone can reach out and receive help with ease.

  1. Offer mental health services by trusted providers that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  2. Encourage a positive attitude towards mental healthcare through a robust ecosystem of mental wellbeing resources.
  3. Provide a platform for certified practitioners to offer quality services.
  4. Inspire a culture of wellness as a lifestyle for all.

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